Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, we have finally made it to Germany, after a summer that was wonderful for Florrie and Chris but not so great for us. They only let us out of the suitcase once all summer!

They said it was to keep us safe, but I think they have a sadistic side. Why else would they have let us out just long enough to be attacked by Zombie preschoolers!


One of them even tried to eat Nemo’s brains. That’s totally ridiculous when you consider how few he actually has.


It took us all a few months to get settled into our new home. Florrie has adjusted to her new school and likes the people she is working with. Chris can probably get around the local Ikea blindfolded! We all still have days when we miss our home and friends in Japan and of course we are always thinking about our family and friends in the States. 



We have done a little exploring here. We went to a rather scary Viking fest

We enjoyed the more tame October fest in our little town of Winnweiler.



We imagine this says something like “Don’t let your pets poop on the grass”, but we aren’t sure.


They also took us to this freaky little town, there was a lot of yelling going on so we didn’t stay very long. We almost ran a very tall dude down on our way out of town.


Here we are at the Porta Negra of Trier which claims to be the oldest town in Germany, this gate has been around since before Caesar.

Here’s a another picture of the gates; it’s not nearly as good since you can’t see us.

This is it for now; we’ll write more later.  Have a good Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks, Jesus and Nemo! I really look forward to your blog updates.