Saturday, September 15, 2012

Road Trips

Our friends Chris and Florrie got a new car, a 2012Mini Cooper S. The slightly crazy thing about this car is that it was a demo which meant until there were 3,00 miles on it it couldn’t actually be theirs. Luckily for Chris and Florrie the car salesman was able to get the car for them anyway, with the condition that it be treated like a demo until the  kilometers were racked up, so we all got to take a gigantic test drive!  Florrie felt like her former high school student who took a car for a test drive and kept it for a week!


We got the car around 1pm on Friday June 22nd with 1900 miles on it and decided to drive to Wiesbaden for sushi. By the time we got home we had put 150 miles on the car. We still had a ways to go but Chris put his mind to the job and the pedal to the metal and off we went! On June 23rd we all got up and headed to Wurzburg about 200 or so miles away. We took the long scenic route. Here are some of the sights we saw on the way.


We stopped at a cute little hotel in a town about 15 miles outside Wurzburg which was a horse stable hundreds of years ago. It was a resting place for the people and horses doing business between the town and Wurzburg. See all the pretty purple flowers, our room is on that balcony.


Isn’t it cute?


This picture is for Jessica; it’s not Gideon's but it’s still there.


The next day we all explored Wurzburg which has two famous buildings and lots of other interesting things. Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed inside the residency which is one of the famous buildings. Here is a link if you are interested in seeing it: This is a picture of the front side, the back has the gardens and is very beautiful. This place was the residence of the Bishop-Princes in the area but before they lived there they lived in a really cool fortress on a hill overlooking the city.


After exploring the residence we had a nice little lunch in the city of Wurzburg. Nemo and I are quite taken with the beers here in Germany. Grapes are miraculous little fruits aren’t they? Oops wrong beverage! Florrie likes the wines but the rest of like the beers so we think hops are quite nice!


The city itself was interesting. It is located on the Main River (its name not its status).


There were little wineries and breweries all over. And, cool fountains too.


The hilltop building is the fortress the Bishop-Princes used to live in.


That evening we had a “typical” Wurzburg area meal, we don’t usually eat this way or I’d sink my surfboard whenever I got on it!


The next day it was off to the fortress: as you can see by the pictures we mostly got to see the outside of the fortress, but that is often our favorite part anyway. There is a way to make these pictures into an album but I keep getting an error message so you are stuck with these. Even I can’t get past those error messages on computers; Sometimes I think computers are the work of the devil!



Sorry it has taken us so long to write, a lot has happened since this trip. Until next time…