Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jesus and Nemo visit Santo Stefano di Camastra (a ceramic town)

This past weekend we took a day trip to Santo Stefano di Camastra to buy a very late wedding gift for Florrie’s nephew. We all knew what we wanted to get but couldn’t find anything that really appealed to us.                      


Our day started with a check of our favorite mountain and then our favorite breakfast, cappuccino and cornetti.

While we were waiting for our breakfast, we met two handsome young Sicilian men enjoying a typical Sicilian breakfast of granita and brioche. Graziano and Andrea were kind enough to ask us to join them.

Mentre stavamo facendo colazione, tipica siciliana ...a base di brioche e granita ,abbiamo conosciuto due ragazzi del posto , Graziano e Andrea....molto gentili ed ospitali....infatti non ci hanno permesso di pagare


After arriving in town we saw this little Vespa. I sometimes think it would be fun to ride around on one of these, but they scare Florrie so much she won’t even think about, even when she is carrying ‘the Jesus bag’


There are no pictures of the first place we went into but it had all kinds of beautiful ceramics including the gift we bought for our nephew. It had the Sicilian look we wanted and there was something special about it.


Chris and Florrie checked out a fantastic ceramic shop where they bought something for themselves. You can see some of the beautiful work of Dani and Francesa of Cermiche Noma behind them. Nemo and I are, of course, not for sale.

Chris e Florrie sono andati in un bel negozio di ceramiche dove hanno comprato alcuni oggetti per se stessi. Si possono ammirare alcuni lavori di Dani e Francesca , dietro di voi . Nemo ed io non siamo in vendita....evidentemente.

Here is a picture of the plate Florrie and Chris bought. Someday they will hang it on their wall. We all love the ocean, especially Nemo. This was his favorite item in the store.

Because Santo Stefano is a ceramics town there were ceramics all over the place;

on the walkways,




on the walls,



at the bus stop,


and even on the trash cans!

There were other interesting spots there as well. This little piazza had a plain but beautiful church and bell tower.


The bell tower was straight, Florrie took this picture after drinking a glass of wine with her lunch.

There was a cozy little courtyard,



some interesting archways,



and panoramic views!



Last but not least we had a delicious lunch with friends from school at Trattoria da Giannino. I had seafood, Nemo did not. I tried to tell him there is a time and a place to eat seafood but he says it is too much like cannibalism for him.

This image is from the travel Italia web site.

Nemo and I plan on more day trips with our friends Florrie and Chris, we’ll try to be better about sharing. Until next time arrivederci.