Friday, January 7, 2011



Escape from GTMO!

For two years we tried everything we could think of to get out of GTMO. When Florrie went on that field trip to the prison with the 5th grade we tried to convince her to steal the bus and escape. Sadly, GTMO is sort of an island on an island, just as the prison is a prison within a prison.

One day we were so desperate we thought about going through the mine field. After a while, once I realized that unlike my illustrious predecessor, I couldn't walk on water OR mines we gave that idea up


Another time we decided that we could try selling the house.

xmas card006

Who knew that putting a for sale sign on a house on a military base would cause so much trouble!



Next we decided that we would sneak over to the north gate and hope that some Cuban would grab us and put us on a boat.


When that didn't work Nemo made himself a shark proof suit and decided we would swim to the real Cuba, where we would be more free than we were on the base. "But wait" I reminded him, "I still can't walk on water and Florrie and Chris could get shot by guards on either side of the fence; this is not a good idea"! He finally listened to me. 

                        PHILLIPS PIER 111907041


I could see that Nemo was getting more and more desperate. One day he must have snuck out and having only that small fish brain, forgotten his shark proof suit. Unfortunately he was snapped up by a fish, fortunately someone who recognized our friend caught the fish and returned Nemo to us.


Finally it happened! We received word that we were being released, not for good behavior; probably because they didn't know what Nemo would try next. We were so happy we didn't care that we were told we could get hundred's of inches of snow where we were going!



  1. Oh where o where will Jesus and Nemo go next? I can't wait to find out!!

  2. Hmm...Where could they be going? So glad to finally hear the story!

  3. Selling your government house ... that is funny. And I like Florrie as the bus driver :-)